Fire Pumps

AITS SAFETY LLC is Dubai Civil Defence (DCD) Grade A certified company with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 45001:2018 certifications and more than 11 years sound experience in Safety services. AITS Safety undertake Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Fire Pump system and Pump skid system for Commercial, Industrial, Villa, Residential and Highrise building Projects. Our services include planned preventive maintenance (PPM)/Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for Fire Pumps with DCD attestation, Project work and Fit out works per NFPA standards.

A fire pump is an integral part of a fire sprinkler system, and a Fire pump provides high-pressure water accessibility to the fire sprinkler system. Fire pump system consists of Motor or driver (Diesel Engine driven and Electrical motor driven), a Pump and a Controller. Water is supplied from the storage tank/ Reservoir (Underground tank/Above ground dedicated water tank) Distributing water to Hose reel, Fire water sprinklers and to Fire Hydrant system.

Fire pump types are Horizontal split case, Vertical split case, Vertical in-line, and Vertical turbine pumps.

Typically, horizontal split case with FM listing and UL certified pumps are recommended for use. These pumps are designed for higher flow applications and are easily accessible for repairs or maintenance.

We are offering multi brand fire pumps approved from Dubai Civil Defence, FM listed and UL certified.